High calorie intake may help you gain weight

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Avoid drinking water before meals

Don't hydrate just before you eat. As a result, it may be more challenging to consume enough calories (35Trustworthy Source) due to fullness.

Eat more often

Have more frequent meals. Make sure you eat something extra, even if it's just before night.

Drink milk

Have some milk. When you're thirsty, it might be easy to gain additional high-quality protein and calories by drinking whole milk.

Try weight gainer shakes

Weight gainer smoothies are a good option if you're having difficulties packing on the pounds. A lot of calories, carbohydrates, and protein may be found in them.

Use bigger plates

Expand your plate size. When seeking to increase caloric intake, larger plates may be more effective than smaller ones (36Trustworthy Source).

Add cream to your coffee

The coffee needs some cream. To increase caloric intake in a straightforward manner.

Take creatine.

Consume creatine. Creatine monohydrate, a muscle-building product, may help you put on a few extra pounds of muscle.

Get quality sleep

Get some good rest. Getting enough quality sleep is crucial for building muscle.

Eat your protein 

Eat the foods highest in calories and protein first if you have a variety of items on your plate. Consume high-fiber items last, such raw vegetables.

Avoid smoking

If you are a smoker, please think about giving up the habit. The average smoker weighs less than the average nonsmoker, and many people who stop smoking put on weight.



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