Honey-lemon water has several health benefits.

Helps with healing

 Because of its antibacterial characteristics, honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds and burns. It has been shown to be very effective .

High inantioxidants

Antioxidant phenolic acids and flavonoids are abundant in honey. Some forms of cellular damage are mitigated by this measure.

Skin grafts

Honey has been used as a treatment for several skin conditions including inflammation, skin ulcers, and burns. It has also been tried and proven effective for skin grafts.

Helps with coughs

Cough relief.Children often suffer from upper respiratory tract diseases like coughs. However, side effects including sleepiness and drowsiness are common with OTC drugs.

Slept better

 They notice a reduction in the frequency and severity of their coughs. Both adults and youngsters slept better as a result.

Not for babies

Babies under a year old shouldn't be given honey. This is due to the possibility of botulinum, a very dangerous kind of food poisoning.

High in vitamin C. 

There are 18 milligrams of vitamin C in one lemon's juice (48 grams total).‌ This is around 20% of an adult's daily RDI.

Prevents kidney stones

Citrate may be found in lemons and other citrus fruits. The formation of kidney stones is therefore inhibited. Two lemons a day have been shown to reduce the likelihood .

Makes you less hungry

Drinking around 16 fluid ounces of water before meals may alleviate hunger sensations and help you feel fuller if you are of middle age or older.

Helps with congestion

Reduces congestion. Clearing mucus from the airways and relieving congestion may be accomplished by drinking warm liquids such as hot water.



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