How to Bundtify Any Cake Recipe

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Your beloved Bundt pan can produce standard cakes. Mark recommends layer, pound, and sheet cake recipes. Bake these in your favourite fluted cake pan.

Can You Bake a Bundt Cake?

Mark claims chiffon and whipped egg white cakes won't work. "A fragile cake or one with jams or berries may be too delicate to convert to a Bundt pan."

If the recipe is not for an angel food cake, chiffon cake, or filled cake, you may convert it to a Bundt cake.


After finding a non-Bundt recipe to bake in a Bundt pan, follow these instructions for delicious delight.

How to Make a Bundt Cake from a Cake

Study the recipe. Cakes made in a 13x9-inch pan or two 8- or 9-inch round pans create enough batter for a fluted cake pan. 


Avoid using your most beautifully engraved Bundt if you're using a non-Bundt recipe. Choose a simpler Bundt pan.


Shortening is great for pan greasing. Clean every pan crevice with a paper towel or clean kitchen towel. Flour the pan and tap off excess.

Your recipe's batter may not fit a Bundt pan. OK! Fill the pan 2/3–3/4 full for optimal results. Mark advises against overfilling since it will ruin up your oven.

Mark advises baking longer in Bundt pans since they hold so much cake. Oven temperature doesn't vary. Most Bundt cake recipes need 60 minutes or more.

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Check doneness at 45 minutes. Skewer the cake's centre. If clean, the cake is done. If the spear comes out with cake batter, bake it again for 5–10 minutes.

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