How to Parent Your Child Based on their Zodiac Sign

Aries Child

 "It also means that if the Aries child is having a bad day, not feeling well, stressed out, or tired, they can become demanding, rude, impatient, and aggressive," .

Taurus Child

According to Saussy, the bull is a loving sign because of its qualities of patience, strength, concentration, and perseverance.

Gemini Child

The twins' sign (with its contradictory characteristics) is lively and endearing, cynical and finicky, pleasant and engaging, timid and reclusive, and so on.

Cancer Child 

If you picture a small kid daydreaming one minute and then becoming engrossed in a creative project the next, you're probably seeing a Cancer.

Leo Child 

They make everyone around them "richer, happier, and more blessed," as said by Saussy, so long as there is a Leo kid there. 

Virgo Child 

"But despite their mature mannerisms and attributes, these children are still children and should not be forced to 'adult' too early in their lives," the astrologer cautions.

Libra Child 

Children born under the cardinal air sign of Libra are naturally confident leaders, but they are also careful to spread the credit around.

Scorpio Child 

According to Saussy, the Scorpio kid stands out from the crowd because he or she is "comfortable with the uncomfortable and difficult aspects of life."

Sagittarius Child

The Sag baby is a walking magnet for riches and success. It's as though "they walk into a room and fill it up."

Capricorn Child 

Capricorn kids have an uncanny ability to stay rooted in reality while while navigating complex ideas. They seem older and wiser than their peers because of their inherent maturity.

Aquarius Child 

Aquarius is the "misfit" and "punk rocker" of the zodiac. The fact that they are unconventional makes them all the more endearing and rebellious.

Pisces Child

Although they have a reputation for being cold fish, they are deeply loving, thoughtful, and feeling souls who like nothing more than curling up with their loved ones at the end of a long day.



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