How to Reduce Thighs in 7 Days ?

Aerobic Exercise

 Cardiovascular exercise is recommended by medical professionals to increase heart pumping function and enhance wellness. Go for a run, get on your bike, or jump rope. 

 Low Resistance

Thighs may be strengthened and developed by lifting fairly light weights (about 70% of your maximal lift). Add additional sets to your routine, but this time use less weight.

Long Duration

Long-term aerobic activity, such as long-distance running, targets tiny muscle fibers with a limited potential for growth, hence it is not effective for building large, bulky thigh muscles.

Endurance Running

You may also utilize the elliptical trainer to strengthen your buttocks and thighs without overworking your quadriceps by adjusting your resistance and your posture.

Toning Exercises

 These also have the added benefit of shaping your buttocks, thighs, and calves for a more trim appearance. How to tone and slim down your thighs in a week with these workouts.

Slimming Skaters

With your feet together, point your toes forward and rest your arms by your sides. Maintain a level head. Make a'skating' motion with your right foot, pulling your left foot to the right.

Side to Side Plies

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your gaze fixed straight ahead. Your toes should be pointing outward at a 45-degree angle. Place your hands casually on your hips.

Crescent Kicks

The inner thighs may be toned and slimmed down by doing crescent kicks.Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms at your sides, and your head up.

Inner Thigh Attitude

Swing the right leg across the torso in front of the left one. The next step is to bend the knee and raise the heel as high as possible. 15 times, and then switch to your left side.

Towel Squeeze 

Knees bent, feet flat, arms at sides; this is how you should be laying down. To strengthen the inner thighs, place a hand towel between your knees and squeeze.

Seated Bent-Knee

Get down on the floor and push your hands into the dirt just outside your hips while sitting. Bend your elbows just a little. Knees should be bent, and toes should be directed forward.



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