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How to sleep better

It can be challenging to shut down that productivity and relax at night. If you have trouble with this, consider writing in a journal before going to bed.


It's a good idea to just concentrate on the fact that you need to sleep because Leos are very conscious of their own requirements. Typically, this is all that is necessary to get to sleepsville.


Sags, like Aries, can find it beneficial to express their concerns in writing. When you go to sleep, Sagittarius, write down your ideas; this will probably help you fall asleep more fast.


Gemini, make sure to switch off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime in order to obtain that eight hours of restful sleep. Why not try a noise maker if the stillness is too loud?


Whatever it means to you, Libra, try to set aside some time for a little beauty before night. It might be a peaceful sound or fragrance, for instance.


Just rewarding Aquarius' peculiarities before bed is a terrific approach to help them relax and clear their minds. Don't hold back with whatever strange pastime you choose, Aquarius.


If it describes you, Cancer, attempt to find something to occupy your attention. Consider listening to an audiobook so you may let your mind wander without worrying about your own life.


Scorpio, attempt to let go of any leftover feelings from the day before bed to have a more comfortable sleep. Your favourite television shows can be binge-watched.


Make sure you have access to basic comforts if you are having problems falling asleep, Pisces (blankets, comforter, and a proper mattress).


Make sure you have everything you need close at hand before turning in for the evening, Taurus. You should have a glass of water, an eye mask, and the TV remote by your bed.


You are the greatest person to figure out what genuinely works for you, Virgo, whether it's tea and meditation or binge-watching your favourite show.


The eye mask is one of Caps's tools. In addition to blocking out light, it also enables you to enter your own space and enjoy some much-needed alone time.


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