How To Style Short Hair

The Quiff

Try a quiff instead of a fringe if you're still not sure. The difference between it and the fringe is that the former sort of looks down while the later looks up.

The Pompadour

Elvis Presley is credited with popularizing the pompadour hairdo for males. To get this look, your top hair should be significantly longer than the buzzed sides and back.

The Polished Deflected

It's a breeze to accomplish. Leave the top of your head longer while shaving the sides and back. But, remember that the crown needs to be uniform in length.

The Slicked Back Undercut

Short, layered cuts on men's hair provide you more options than you would think possible. Relax, we'll explain the ins and outs of undercuts for short hair.

Sharp Points

You have options for dressing up for even the most formal of occasions. The look was put together with minimal effort. 


The Slanted Bit

One of the most common methods to style short hair on men is with a side part. It doesn't take much time or talent to make, so pretty much anyone can do it. 

Tapering Off

The tapered fade is right up there with the most sought-after cuts for guys today. The longer hair on top of your head should taper off into shorter hair.

The Cleaned Up

The short, spiky hair looks really sizzling. You should try it out, really. The taper cut, a popular style that features a longer top and shorter sides.

The Periphery

One of the best things about short hair cuts for guys with a fringe is how adaptable they can be. You may style it short, long, wavy, straight, or even geometrically. 


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