How You Should Propose To Each Zodiac Sign


Extrovert Aries want a power pair relationship. They're always trying new things. They'd be happiest at their favourite adventure site.


Taurus is laid-back and sensible in life. They don't like extravagant proposals. Avoid expensive or crowded activities.


Geminis are romantic socialites. They would love to propose and celebrate with their family and friends.


Knowing a Cancer is happy and healthy is the key to earning a yes. Proposing a holiday or special occasion would make them feel loved.


Leo is competitive and self-centered. A concealed ring or public announcement proposal would make them feel unique.


You'll need to be sneaky to keep a proposal from Virgo, who are perfectionists and intuitive. To woo a Virgo, be spontaneous and secretive.


Libras enjoy romance. For this special event, don't hold back! Make the moment as special as possible with candles, wine, red roses, chocolates, and everything else.


The Sagittarians among us like a healthy dose of healthy rivalry. For a playful and carefree proposal, consider incorporating a game or contest of some kind.


When it comes to love, Pisces are just as reserved and private as they are with the rest of their lives. They are highly emotional, sentimental beings, thus the proposal should reflect that.


In order to catch a Scorpio off guard, you may need to be creative and risky. When proposing, think of something exciting and adventurous to do.


Capricorns like thoughtful, extravagant gestures from their significant others. They enjoy going out to upscale eateries and parties and hence enjoy dressing up for these occasions. 


Aquarians are unconventional thinkers and champions of individuality. Try to come up with a unique and unexpected way to propose to your sweetheart.

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