How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Romance


You're driven and competitive. Anything you see is yours. You may order a drink and talk to anyone in a bar or party.


You let love find you. Friends would introduce you to suitable partners. On a dating app after the other person has made an attempt to impress you.


You like meeting someone at a museum, class, or bookshop. You'll seek out the most intriguing person, someone who loves individuality and intellect as highly as you do.


You’re not one to go out and look for love — you kinda wait for it to find you. And when you meet someone, it takes a lot of time for you to trust them and feel comfortable around them. 


Everyone will love your daring, fun-loving personality. You'll probably find a mate while travelling! You desire a mate that can match your enthusiasm, appreciates you.


You're sociable. They'd be at a party, grocery store, park, dating app, or wherever else you might find someone. You flirt and speak, but not everyone can win your heart.


When it comes to love, you’d either find a potential someone on a dating app, or wait for your friends to introduce you to someone.


Your energy attracts people. Your enigma draws potential mates. You don't actively seek love or entrust your heart to just anyone—the perfect person will come.


Romantic art appeals to you. You'd probably meet someone in a museum or pottery class since you'd intentionally seek out someone with similar artistic tastes.


You want the perfect date. If it means being mysterious and romantic at coffee shops, bookstores, and museums, you'll go. You desire love like that.


 You're confident and assertive and will approach someone if they catch your eye—but only if they match your friendly sentiments.


Rather date online. You enjoy seeing a profile and analysing everything about them before meeting them. You're fussy and judgmental!

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