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Hunger Games’ Soulmate,

Cressida. Although you have a commanding presence of your own, your soulmate won't require saving because of this.


Cinna. Cinna is a sweetheart who, like your spouse, is always concerned about the people he loves.


Astrid Lindgren. You need someone with a large personality like yours so they can keep up with you because you have a huge personality.


Kristen Everdeen. You need someone who can look out for you one second and then lend a sympathetic ear the next.


Flickerman Caesar. You need someone who will encourage you, and Ceasar Flickerman is that person.


Frankie Odair. You are drawn to people who have "Hot with a Heart" energy, and Finnick Odair definitely has that energy.


Peeta Meadow. You enjoy company, security, and unwavering affection.


Judith Mason. Your soul love is flamboyant, hogging the limelight so you can observe and grin from the sidelines.


Crane Seneca. You're drawn to tough guys. You can ignore some other terrible behaviour as long as they look beautiful and aren't scared to be cheeky with you.


Jeremy Abernathy. He cares about others, even if he sometimes struggles to convey that. He does indeed have a drinking issue, but you enjoy a challenge.


Priscilla Everdeen. You need a partner you love so strongly you would risk everything for them because you frequently get caught up in your own world.


A Gale Hawthorne. You desire salvation. You also fall for folks who won't just blindly devote themselves to you. Your ideal partner is similar to Gale.


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