Immediate Signs He's Toxic And Dangerous

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He wants to know where you are at all times

Controlling partners usually inquire where you are. Every relationship requires limits. You should be free to travel without telling your spouse.

He shows up randomly

If he shows up in locations he doesn't usually go, consider his motives. He may be verifying your location or your "behavior" at this location. Both are harmful.

He is always picking arguments

If your spouse constantly fights for no cause, leave. This may indicate he wants out of the relationship. He may be deceiving you by diverting you from your relationship issues.

He thinks you’re cheating

Despite your good behavior, he continuously accuses you of cheating. Recognize this? If so, your companion is insecure.

He gets physical

He never aggressively touches you. If you're modifying your conduct to avoid upsetting him, leave. 


He says you are the problem

He blames you, never himself. Your unhappiness is your responsibility. You caused his mistreatment. Always your fault. This is unacceptable. 

He is not willing to change

He's happy as is. If you're upset about anything and tell him, he won't mind. This suggests your relationship may never improve.

 He invalidates your feelings

You're irrational and emotional. He doesn't care about your feelings if he continuously makes you feel guilty. He dismisses your emotions.

He's stunting you.

Your companion is a throwback. He keeps reminiscing but never making new ones. He refuses your fresh ideas. He makes excuses instead of trying. 


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