Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were friends.

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Before their Hollywood fame, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler met.
Aniston was seeing Sandler's unnamed friend when they met. In a deli, they formed a strong friendship.

The Hustle actor said, "I knew I'd like her. I didn't know we'd make movies. We didn't realize that because we were young and unemployed."

It appears Aniston knew the two had tremendous chemistry as friends. "He's such a mensch, he takes you in, and I'm the same way. You become family. Naturally."

Aniston & Sandler seem to enjoy their friendship and have been friends since they met. Some performers can create tight friendships on film and TV sets, even if it's their first time working together.


Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have known each other for years before acting in Just Go With It.

In an Access Hollywood interview, Sandler praised Aniston's acting and improvisation. "I couldn't believe Jennifer's speed and wit. 

 I know she's amusing in real life, but it was astounding how much fun we had and how she added and beat me in moments.

While filming Just Go With It, the Along Came Polly actress enjoyed working with Sandler. "It's great. It was great! We had a good tennis match."


They worked on Murder Mystery. Aniston told Fox News about working with the Uncut Gems actor.

She explained, "It's like riding a bike because we have a really distinct dialogue and a sense of humor that we share inside and outdoors. It's good inside."

The Billy Madison star also talked about how the two actors teased each other while filming Murder Mystery. "Full assault. Full attack, sometimes. Sandman suffers her wrath."

Aniston said, "It's fun to try to make him break in a scene, that's always a good sign."