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Kaley Cuoco's first kid has a beautiful name.

Kaley Cuoco has her first kid. After a year of dating, three-time Emmy nominee Kaley, 37, and actor Tom Pelphrey revealed their pregnancy last year.

The Flight Attendant star announced the birth of their daughter. Kaley posted a picture of the week-old baby girl on a blanket with a bow on her head on Instagram, revealing she was born on March 23.

‘Introducing, Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, the new light of our life!


"We are happy and thankful for this little miracle. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, relatives, and friends who have supported us tremendously over the past few days." We're very lucky.

Kaley concluded by telling lover Tom, ‘I didn't believe I could fall any more in love with you, but I did.' The new mom uploaded photos of Matilda yawning, cuddling with her mom, being held by dad.

Kaley, holding Matilda, looks affectionately at her parents from the hospital bed. After her divorce with Karl Cook, Kaley announced her pregnancy in October.


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In May, they announced their relationship, and at the Emmys in September, they made their red carpet debut together. Fans & celebrity friends celebrated Kaley's pregnancy announcement the next month.

Kaley's mother Layne Ann was angry that Kaley had not revealed the name she and Tom had picked for their daughter, even to close friends and relatives.

Kaley posted a blanket from her soon-to-be-grandmother on Instagram earlier this month, asking "What's her name?" Her name? Her name? ’

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