Kind Of Ex You Are, Based On Zodiac Sign

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You're the ex they can't forget because you set such a high standard. You wooed them with the most romantic dates and biggest gestures. 


You were always kind and sympathetic, even after the separation. They have nothing negative to say about you and wish you the best of luck.


They miss your enthusiasm and humour. They miss you much more when they are having a terrible day or when they feel that no one believes in them.


As a reminder that they were once adored by you, they can't help but brag and share all these anecdotes with their pals.


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You are the unavoidable ex, not because you're pursuing them, but because they all end up needing you in one way or another, even after the breakup.


You're the ex who was actually suitable for marriage. When they think of you, they envision a happy family with a large number of children. 


You don't want to lose someone you once cared about and loved, and you believe that time cures all wounds.


You said and did the right things to sweep them off their feet, and they can't get over the passion and excitement they had when they were with you.


They were unable to subdue you or change your mind. They eventually all gave up on you.


Hence, once the relationship has ended, you move on and look forward. You cannot turn back because you feel that the best is still to come.


You're the ex who keeps returning because you're unsure if you made the right decision.


You have never precisely described what went wrong or what is on your mind. You most likely vanished or gave them the cold shoulder. 


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