Large Dogs That Don't Shed

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Belgian Malinois

Belgian malinois may reach up to 80 pounds, although most weigh 40–50. Their short, smooth coat is easy to maintain. Their coat minimizes shedding too.

Afghan Hound

Its luxuriant coat makes the Afghan dog the focus of attention everywhere it travels. This breed attracts attention and praises when walked. Afghan hounds seldom lose their long coats. 

German Shorthaired Pointer

German shorthaired pointers (GSPs) are 25-inch, 70-pound canines. This energetic German hunting dog is a popular pet. Because they don't shed, GSPs are popular.


Newfypoos are Newfoundland-poodle offspring. They weigh up to 130 pounds and average 28 inches tall. Poodle-bred Newfypoos shed the least. 

Airedale Terrier

Avoid Airedale shedding by brushing often. Airedales are wonderful huge terriers. World's largest terrier breed. Some reports say male Airedales may reach 23 inches.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant schnauzers are powerful. 110 pounds, 28 inches tall. Schnauzers are saliva-controlling. Drooling won't puddle the huge schnauzer.


The saluki coat requires little care. As ancient Egyptian pharaohs' dogs, they are kind and dignified.


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