Longest-lived pets aren't dogs or cats.


Lizards are rare and long-lived pets. Leopard geckos may live 20 years and green iguanas 15. When well-fed and predator-free, lizards live longer in captivity. 

Common goldfish

If given enough room, the common goldfish may survive 10 to 14 years in a natural-looking outdoor pond. The oldest goldfish survived 43 years.


Terriers live longer than bigger breeds. Larger dogs mature quicker and age faster, according to an American Kennel Club research.


Pomeranians are little Icelandic and Lapland sled dogs.The breed's oldest member survived to 21. 

Bichon frise

Due to their resilience and tiny size, Middle Ages mariners traded fluffy white Bichon Frises, known for their long lifespans. 


Small poodles live "appreciably" longer than bigger varieties. The under-10-inch toy poodle outlives its miniature and standard-size counterparts because little canines live longer. 

Lhasa Apso

Himalayan Lhasa Apsos were bred to survive. They have huge lungs at high altitudes, are robust, and can conserve heat.

Indoor cat

Indoor cats outlast outside cats, which live two to five years. Indoor cats are safer from automobiles, other animals, accidents, and contagious illnesses


Snakes may survive weeks without eating by slowing their metabolism. The oldest snake was a 48-year-old ball python.


Australian semi-arid cockatiels are sociable and extroverted. They whistle at people, toys, and reflections. 29-year-old cockatiel. Birds need to fly outside their cages.


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