Lovely names for girls that mean love


Amia is one of the oldest names for a girl in love that we know of. This short, sweet name for a girl works well in almost every language and is easy to say.


Mila comes from Central and Eastern Europe. People whose names start or end with Mila, like Emilia, Milena, and Camila, are often called Mila there.


Suki is the Japanese word for "beloved" or "loved one." It's one of the more common Japanese names in the United States, mostly because it's easy for both English and Japanese users to say.


Feme, called "fem," literally means "a name of love." It is a common name for girls in Africa and in Islamic homes.


The word Esme in French means "to love." Add another French name to it, like Delphine, Celeste, or Elise, to give it a Parisian feel.


Carina is a huge hit in Italy, and it has also become famous in the United States and England. It has something to do with the pet name Cara, which means "dear" or "beloved."



Cerys is a Welsh name that is almost unknown of in the United States, but it would be a good one to sell abroad.


People in Ireland like grania. It can mean "grain of corn" or "the loved one." What could possibly go wrong?


Habiba is a girl's name that comes from the boy's name Habib, which means "darling" or "beloved." Habiba has a bubbly, lively vibe, but it also has a down-to-earth vibe.


Kalea means "joy" or "love" on the Hawaiian islands. This name comes from the beautiful flower wreaths that are made there.


Mina is the more official name for the German girl name Minnette, but both names mean "love." It's rare now, but that's what makes it special.


Priti is an old name that comes from the Sanskrit language. It means "one who brings love and joy."


Tene can be used for both boys and girls. This cool, gender-neutral name is pronounced "TEN-ay," and it comes from the African tongue Euroba. It means "one who is much loved."


Venus is the most straightforward name for a girl that means "love." Venus is the god of love and beauty in Roman mythology.

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