Matt Patricia's New NFL Job

Matt Patricia, a longtime assistant for the New England Patriots and the former head coach of the Detroit Lions, seems to have a new job.

Tim McManus, who covers the Philadelphia Eagles for ESPN, found out Thursday afternoon that Patricia had joined the team's coaching staff.

"According to the team's website, Matt Patricia has been named the team's senior defensive assistant," McManus said.

But the Eagles made a change quickly, and Patricia is no longer mentioned on the official website for the team. "Since then, the blurb about Patricia has been taken down."

Is the team waiting for a few deal details to be worked out before announcing the hire?

Or, since the team's website accidentally said that Patricia would be part of the defense, will he not be joining the coaching staff?

Time will tell, but it would be very strange for the Eagles to accidentally make something public on the site.

If the Eagles don't finish this soon, perhaps Bill Belichick and his team will call again.


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