Monday Horoscope For Each Zodiac Signs April 03, 2023

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Avoid aggression today. Beating the rugs may be better than polishing crystal. If you feel angry, count to 10 or write in your journal. No one wants to apologize.


Weeding and sweeping your garden stones may reveal the correct path. Avoid nail damage by cleaning the trail with gloves. Sit in your garden and weigh your life choices.


Mouse cupcakes with pretzels, gum drops, and green M&Ms will make everyone chuckle. Snowcap candy ears and red licorice tails.


Say welcome to your new neighbor. Coconut macaroons with almond slivers and carob chips are your specialty. Back a batch and take a dessert plate across. You might make a new friend.


Spice up your passion by illuminating the space with candle light. Even if your honey doesn't appreciate the worth, it will make you feel like a goddess. That's what matters, right?


Skip corner vacuuming and wood trim oiling. You've worked hard—take a rest. Call a maid. Call the local high school—maybe a student wants extra money.


A candle smashed your child's paper airplane. Luckily, it wasn't lighted, but this is a wonderful time to talk to your kids about fire safety. Reward them with microwave s'mores.


Following your instincts will bring you brightness. Trust your thoughts and imagination as you knit a new warp-and-weft stitch in your scarf.


Seasonal and festive decorating will inspire you. Try something unique to exhibit outside, and the neighborhood will speak.


Karma will steer your seemingly random encounters today. When the home fix-it store staffer grants you an extra day on a sander rental, just say thank you.


Lemon meringue pie? Why not? It smells great after baking. Before cutting, let it cool so it looks like heaven on a dish.


Your urge to paint does not mean you need to cover every surface. Exposed brick can be a great accent wall to hang collections you have gathered during the years.


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