Most Certain Indications She Loves You

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"I Love You" Is Her Catchphrase

She will also make it clear that she has deep feelings for you and hopes to spend the rest of her life with you.

She's Your Bestie

When a lady loves you, she will demonstrate it by being silly and fun with you, showing off her sense of humour.

Really Dependable

She'll do her best to honour her word, show you that you can trust her with anything, and encourage you to open up to her about anything.

She joyfully embraces your uniqueness.

She will love you unconditionally regardless of your physical imperfections, strange quirks, clumsy gaffes, hilarious laughing, etc. 


Your presence makes her happy.

Since she enjoys your company so much, she will look for any excuse to spend time with you or include you into her plans.

Predicting the Future, She Says

It's another clear indication that she cares strongly about you and wants to commit to a relationship with you.

She Expresses Love and Support Via Words 

She may attempt to express her feelings by being kind to you, treating you well, or giving you presents.

She's Brutally Honest 

She'll tell you what she thinks. If she likes you, she won't try to hide anything from you and will be completely honest with you.


She Is An Unwitting Double of Yours

She'll soon start feeling sympathetic towards you. She may start imitating your mannerisms without even realising it.

She Engages in Tough Discussions

If she really likes you and wants to spend her life with you, you may have to have a lot more uncomfortable talks in order to keep your relationship on the right track.

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