Most Dramatic Zodiac Sign

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Libra strives to treat everyone equally. When life is balanced, they thrive. Air signs can become unreasonable and emotional if they don't receive that treatment.

6 Libra

Scorpio's inner circle shows all sides. Bennet says they have a "cool fa├žade" yet can be upset by minor issues.

5 Scorpio

Sometimes Aquarius loses it. "If they are passionate about something or provoked, they may go off quickly and be quite over the top drama wise

4 Aquarius


Arrogant and irritable Aries must rule. They're the zodiac's first sign and always want to lead.They demand their directions to be followed precisely.

2 Aries

Leo's dramatization is unmatched. They're overblown and adore attention. Schmidt says they're over-the-top but loveable.

1 Leo

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