Most Funniest Zodiac Signs

Geminis are fascinating on every level, thanks in large part to their wit. This group "likes to ask questions and acquire knowledge on diverse issues" as if doing so were a hobby.


Virgo leans towards a more critical, self-deprecating kind of comedy," which may get a lot of people to chuckle.


Those born under this sign "create a trail of laughter everywhere they go," yet their outspoken nature may often cause offence to others around them.


Cancer, a moon sign, "is known to have a caustic, cutting sense of humour that can sort of sting, but in a comic manner


Taurus may be charming and funny, although they tend to stick to more neutral topics. This is reassuring since those close to Taurus now know they won't be the punchline of any jokes.


Leos like the spotlight and have a dramatic sense of humour. They thrive in the limelight because the sun is their ruler. Leos are the zodiac's movers and shakers and can "leave others howling with laughter


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Capricorns,"the driest of the lot," have a great sense of humour that is too frequently neglected. Nonetheless, in general, those born under the sign of the Capricorn are likeable people


This fire sign enjoys roasting others and, like Capricorn, isn't excellent at taking the punch when jokes are made about them.


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