Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

6 Libra

On the outside, Libras could seem as calm as a cucumber, yet tension can overwhelm them. Every Libran aspires to make everyone happy, yet this is frequently an impossible task.

5 Sagittarius

It goes without saying that Sagittarius likes to dream big and make great plans. Jupiter, their ruling planet, deals with development and expansion, after all. 

Any lull in their lives can lead to conflict because these fire signs are passionate and do not like to sit idle.

4 Gemini

You can expect that a Gemini will overthink something nine times out of ten, if any sign is prone to doing so. 

To make sure they are constantly a part of every conversation, these people are moving faster than everyone nearby.

3 Virgo

Like Gemini, Virgo has a propensity for dwelling on trivial matters and overanalyzing situations. Because of their propensity for anxiety, they won't be able to stop once they begin to spiral.

2 Pisces

Consider your assumptions about Pisces if you believe they are laid-back and unassuming. 

Their emotions are frequently in overdrive due to their extreme sensitivity. The vibes of other people are absorbed by Pisces.

1 Capricorn

It's not surprising that Capricorns are the most stressed out sign of the zodiac because they labour nonstop until their fuel level drops below E and then they work some more.

They prefer to pursue achievement and will assert that they can achieve it without assistance. 

Being ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, they have a strong sense of ambition and drive, which can make them feel tense and restless.

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