Nuclear bomb are crucial to your life.

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Nuclear bombs—how dangerous?

A single nuclear bomb might kill hundreds of thousands of people in a big city, depending on its size, location, and how many people are upwind of the detonation.

A nuclear explosion?

A nuclear device causes a nuclear explosion. Nuclear devices, from tiny handheld devices to missile-carried weapons, may wreak tremendous harm.

Many threats

Nuclear explosions are deadly because to their blinding brightness, blast wave force, radiation damage to cells, fire and heat, electromagnetic pulse, and radioactive fallout.

Time after announcement?

Residents would have 30 minutes or fewer to shelter if Russia launched a nuclear weapon at the US and notified promptly. In an emergency, there is no time to plan.

where announcements would be

A Columbia University public health specialist in disaster preparation, told Insider that TV or radio would be the best method to hear about a nuclear assault.


Looks like

A nuclear weapon explodes in a massive flash and orange blaze.

Initial 30–45 minutes: safeguard your body.

A 1-megaton bomb could temporarily blind individuals 13 miles (21 km) away on a clear day and 53 miles (85 km) distant at night, according to Insider.

Nuclear attack response

When tensions escalate with nuclear countries, blasts increase. Once Putin raised Russian nuclear alert, the US changed its nuclear strike parameters.

Face down

Cover your lips and nose with a scarf. To prevent pressure-induced eardrum rupture, keep your mouth open.

If driving

When an explosion occurs in a car, stop and duck. Nevertheless, don't linger.

15 minutes before nuclear fallout

Nuclear survivors have 15 minutes before nuclear fallout hits the earth. Radiation poisoning may harm cells and kill.

Radon exposure

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute for Health Security, radiation exposure lowers 55% an hour after an explosion and 80% after 24 hours, so take shelter immediately.