Ocean Animal That Captures  Zodiac Sign’s Energy

Aries: You’re an Orca

Because of your dominant nature and the dominance of Mars in your sign, the marine animal that best represents you would be the tiger. Although there are numerous formidable predators across the oceans.

Taurus: You’re a Seahorse

You're not easily angered, Taurus. Your patience as a fixed earth sign is admirable, making you the one on whom others can always rely.

Gemini: You’re a Dolphin

Gemini, your restless nature means that you can't sit still for too long or you'll get into trouble. The difficulty you get into because of your mercurial personality.

Cancer: You’re a Clownfish

Cancer, although the crab is a common symbol for you, it's not the only sea creature that exemplifies your caring, compassionate character.

Leo: You’re a Great White Shark

Since the lion is a symbol of you, people often compare you to Leo, the astrological ruler of the wild. You'll need an imposing marine monster.

Virgo: You’re an Octopus

Since you are so famously smart, there can be no "ifs, ands, or buts" about it: the octopus is your watery equal. 

Libra: You’re an Emperor Penguin

Since Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, a colorful fish from the reefs could seem like the obvious choice for a partner.

Scorpio: You’re a Red Lionfish

Similar to the red lionfish, being caught is difficult because of the danger of being stung.

Sagittarius: You’re a Sea Turtle

You, a fiery Aries, would get along well with the sea turtle because you share its laid-back attitude and positive outlook on life. 

Capricorn: You’re a Starfish

You're a hard worker, no doubt about it, Capricorn! Since Saturn is the taskmaster planet, you are the natural leader.

Aquarius: You’re a Giant Squid

You, Aquarius, have the most unique star sign! Your current astrological ruler, Uranus, contributes to your unique personality traits.

Pisces: You’re an Oyster

Pisces, you were born with magic in your blood. It's no surprise that you're a dreamer and a creative thinker, given that mystical Neptune.



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