Olivia Dunne's "Emotionally Unavailable"

Olivia Dunne can concentrate on her true job—posting 10- to 15-second TikTok videos—now that LSU gymnastics season is finished.

Livvy's first original TikTok since the LSU Tigers gymnastics team came fourth at the NCAA Championship shows the NIL star jumping rope as part of her practice.

The two-day-old video is nearing two million views. It wouldn't even make her top 100 TikTok videos at that point. Olivia Dunne's popular.

She is the second highest-earning NIL athlete despite only competing in a few LSU gymnastics matches this season.

Olivia Dunne worked Thursday night, posting another TikTok video.Livvy captioned the clip, “I need to focus on my sport.”


Dunne, wearing a Masters sweater, lip-syncs comedian Theo Von talking about vapes in a wishing well, but substitutes "emotionally unavailable athletes" for vapes.

Her many followers wondered what Dunne was trying to say when she posed herself as an emotionally unavailable athlete.

“First shot when you’re finally available,” another person wrote. “What do you think of peanut butter and honey sandwiches?” someone else asked randomly.

“That’s my pre-meet snack,” Dunne said.
As you learn.

Her admirers were most pleased to see her wearing her Masters sweater. Strangely, several remarked, "That is the hottest thing you have ever worn!"

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