Oreos Brings Back a Summer Favorite

Do you like all Oreo flavors? What kind are they bringing back in May? @snackolator of TikTok reveals this year's limited edition taste and name.

Very exciting! They granted your request. We're thrilled. He says summer s'mores Oreos will return in May. 

This campfire treat has chocolate and marshmallow cream inside a gram cracker biscuit. That's amazing!

Better still. After hearing everyone's criticism, they'll name them S'mOreos this year. It's high time. Use your ideal name.

We chuckled when he mentioned the Pepsi-Peeps lost chance earlier this year. They must've heard the agitated throng demanding that new drink be named Peepsi.


The crowd cheered. “I tried them before and they are good!” said viewer @alexanderpantoj96. We concur.

“Ahh, my favorite,” said another viewer. Many would concur. @ThomasCharlesKazar said, "Those look good and so yummy." I want S'mores! S'more lovers won't be disappointed.

Next week, we'll rush to the supermarket to buy groceries, even if we hate it.

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