Perfect BFFs for All Zodiac Signs

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Libra is often seen as the sign that is most diametrically opposed to it. They can teach one other, and themselves, about transition and harmony.


Taurus has a tendency to let their emotions get the better of them or to get their head stuck in the clouds.  For this reason, they needs a Virgo in their lives to serve as a reality check.


Gemini seeks out the company of other Gemini and Aquarians since they share a dislike for regularity and monotony. A Gemini finds happiness when they know things will change and get more interesting over time.


Cancers can quickly determine who they connect with and who they don't. It's intriguing how Cancer and Capricorn, the sign opposite Cancer, are so closely linked



It's no surprise that two such dynamic zodiac signs as Leo and Aquarius can form such a formidable partnership. It's impossible for Leo and Aquarius to be enemies.


When it comes to openness and recovery, Virgo gets a perfect score. This makes Cancer and Taurus, whose loyalty they value, natural allies.


Libra sometimes craves recognition and appreciation for their efforts. Like a kind and generous Taurus, they are channelling their need-adoration attitude.


Scorpio is best suited for those that share their fiery nature. With a Pisces as a close friend, "a Scorpio is typically at their happiest.

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The sign of Sagittarius is that of the daredevil. So, they need partners who are up for any challenge. That's why fellow Aquarius and Aries are so supportive of this sign.


When it comes to a realistic and practical outlook on life, Virgo is the sign that most resembles Capricorn. Virgo's devotion is admired by Capricorns, too. 


They gravitate for friendships with other signs who can match their wit and drive. Those born under Aquarius are adored by Gemini and Pisces for their inventiveness.


Pisces might have a hard time connecting with those of other signs, but Aquarius will comprehend them on a much deeper level. 

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