Positive Effects of Olive Oil on Human Health 

Metabolic Rate

The combination of lemon juice and olive oil has been shown to increase the production of hormones that cause fat to be burned for energy rather than stored. 

Weight Loss

Boosting your metabolism with olive oil and lemon juice might aid weight loss by providing you with more energy. Because of this boost in stamina, more time will be spent engaging in physical activity.

Detoxifies Cells

Both olive oil and lemon juice are excellent sources of antioxidants, which help the body rid itself of harmful substances that may lead to cancer, arthritis, and other debilitating conditions. 

Good for Heart

Drinking a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by lowering hypertension, total cholesterol.

Prevents Cancer

Antioxidants like those found in olive oil and lemon juice help prevent cancer by scavenging harmful free radicals before they may damage healthy cells. 

Digestive System

Olive oil and lemon juice help control digestion by activating gastric fluids that break down food more efficiently and boost metabolism, reducing the risk of obesity.

Contains Nutrients

Olive oil and lemon juice provide a potent combination of skin-beneficial elements including fiber, minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. 

Immune System

Vitamin C, which is abundant in olive oil and lemon juice, strengthens the immune system, making it better able to combat illnesses caused by viruses.

Improves Skin

A healthy internal environment is the first step toward clear skin. Olive oil and lemon juice's oleic acid and vitamin E help prevent UV damage, promote collagen.

Prevents Inflammation

Inflammation-causing illnesses including arthritis, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, Crohn's disease, diabetes, migraines, joint pain, etc..



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