Queen Elizabeth: 96-Year Habits

Eat breakfast

At 8:30 a.m., Queen Elizabeth had breakfast. Breakfast eaters may live longer since they have a decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Having a pet

Elizabeth was notoriously dedicated to her gorgeous pets, particularly her corgis. Pet ownership has been shown to decrease blood pressure, stress, health care expenditures.

Horseback riding

Riding horses is pleasant, but it's also good exercise, which may have helped her keen intellect and wit. Regular exercise is the best way to slow cognitive deterioration.

Snacking in moderation

The Queen liked them, even though they're unhealthy. The secret to a healthy lifestyle, according to nutritionists, is to enjoy indulgences in moderation. 


Humor improves happiness, stress, social relationships, and lifespan. See how laughing affects your life!

A loving relationship

Happy couples have health advantages beyond love. Stable couples, known as "the marriage benefit," are more likely to exercise, take holidays, and maintain a healthy weight.

Close friends and relatives

It's difficult to be part of a famous family. Despite the occasional difficulties, Queen Elizabeth had a close-knit family that were there for her.

Having purposeful work

She was passionate about her work! "Walkabouts"—tours where she met individuals from over the world—were her specialty.


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