Rebel Wilson barred from Disneyland.

Only a few days after getting engaged at Disneyland, Rebel Wilson has been barred from the Happiest Place on Earth for taking a "illegal photo."

The "Bridesmaids" star admitted her biggest Disney transgression was photographing the park's hidden restrooms.

She alleged on "The Daily Show" that she had been barred from Disneyland for 30 days because she had broken the law by photographing a restroom hidden from public view.

Rebel realised from away that Disney staff aimed to make her exclusion from the parks as painless as possible.


"My formal ban lasts 30 days. "Rebel, what 30 days did you not want to come to Disneyland since you're gone making a movie or something?" they asked "said she.

The "Pitch Perfect" star proposed to her girlfriend Ramona Agruma earlier this year at Disney World, where she has spent many happy hours because she is a huge Disney fan.

Rebel said on "The Drew Barrymore Show" that Disney President Bob Iger gave his "okay" for her to propose to Ramona.

"He's the big, big boss and I thought, well, if he says yes then it was meant to be," she explained of her decision to propose on that day at Disneyland.


"Putting in the topiary trees and roping off the designated area required special clearance.

It was very lovely, as I had a violinist perform, like, Disney standards. I did seek approval from the higher-ups."

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