Saints free agents are more frequently poached.

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New Orleans Saints free agents have been poached more than any other NFL team. Six of their in-house free agents have joined NFC South rivals. 

 Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap reports that the six Saints free agents that departed town are making over $48 million per year. 

That ranks fourth in the league, after the San Francisco 49ers ($83.6 million), Las Vegas Raiders ($67.3 million), and Philadelphia Eagles ($58 million).

Even though the Atlanta Falcons are terrible, defensive tackle David Onyemata signing a $13 million contract is hard to criticize. Hopefully he overcharged them like Atlanta linebacker Kaden Elliss

The Panthers also pay defensive tackle Shy Tuttle ($6.5 million) and quarterback Andy Dalton ($5 million). 

e Vikings gave Marcus Davenport $13 million. The Buffalo Bills gave Deonte Harty $4.75 million after his foot injury. The Eagles' offer to safety Justin Evans is believed to be little.


Saints again. The team signed starter defensive tackles Nathan Shepherd and Khalen Saunders to start replacing these losses.

Jameis Winston returned on a pay cut to back QB Derek Carr. Time will add defensive line, linebacker, and receiving depth. 

 Might they have matched some contract offers? Maybe, but probably not. Rebuild at their price and save.