Secret Things Women Do

Making internal comparisons to other females. This might serve as a self-reflective exercise on one's looks, sense of style, or social standing. 

Seeing a woman they believe to be more gorgeous or accomplished than themselves may make some women feel uneasy or unsatisfied with themselves.

Keeping an eye on their potential or actual sweetheart. Some ladies may check out the competition for a possible suitor.

What other women find beautiful, or how their crush or relationship interacts with other women, may be of interest.

Online female stalking. For many reasons, including curiosity, boredom, or jealousy, some women may peruse the profiles, images, and postings of other women on social media. 


They could be curious about the people's backgrounds, interests, and viewpoints. They could even have envious or inferior feelings about themselves in comparison.

admiring the female anatomy of other people. It's not uncommon for women to seek out other women who share their appearance or physical characteristics. 

They can be curious to get a different view on their looks, or maybe they wish to make some alterations. They could even begin to identify with them or feel a kinship with them.

admiring the attractiveness of other ladies. It's possible that some females observe other females for no reason other than that they find them appealing. 

They may be enamored with some aspect of their appearance, style, or personality. They may also like them.

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