Sleeping Habits as per Zodiac Sign

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"Ruled by Mars, the planet of activity, Aries are usually full of energy and want to go, go, go," said Kyle Thomas, resident astrologer at Love by Luna, in an interview with POPSUGAR. 


The big bull Taurus is known for its passion for luxury and pleasure. "This zodiac sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, prefers a lengthy nap or an additional hour of sleep if possible," Thomas explained.


Always on the go, this talkative and impetuous zodiac sign is susceptible to erratic sleeping patterns. Thomas stated, "Once something feels steady, Geminis are the first to desire diversity."


Cancers, the zodiac sign most associated with domesticity and the home, are ruled by the Moon. "This indicates that Cancers have a sensitive and emotional personality, and, like the ebbing and flowing waves.


 "Prone to sloth whenever possible since they work so hard when in the spotlight, Leos like their beauty sleep to retain their dazzling appearance." 



 "Since they are ruled by cerebral Mercury, Virgos spend the majority of their time dissecting every bit of information and have difficulties slowing down enough to relax," Thomas noted.


"Venus, the planet of love and peace, controls Libra, which is intimately related with pleasure. This makes them prone to 'dropping out' whenever feasible and indulging in some much-needed R&R "Thomas remarked.


 "Being a water sign, Scorpios are frequently obsessed with their relationships and spend a great deal of time calculating how to obtain the things (and people) they desire.


Sagittarians frequently fantasize about things that are just out of reach. "Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, growth, and optimism, Sagittarians constantly desire'more,'" stated Thomas.


When it comes to being "realistic," Capricorns know how they prefer to sleep, when they want to sleep, and where they prefer to sleep; if any of these aspects are wrong, this earth sign cannot truly rest.

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 Aquariuses frequently experience a tremendous degree of internal turbulence. Thomas added, "As an intellectual air sign, they focus their thoughts on their vision for the future and what they feel is inherently 'correct.'" 


They have a propensity for sloth and prefer to spend most of their time buried in their own little imaginations. This indicates that Pisces like sleep more than virtually any other sign because it allows them to disconnect from reality, he noted. .

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