Small Changes to Boost Energy

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Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Booze is a legal substance with only drawbacks. Alcohol has no benefits. It makes you fat, tired, stupid, and broke—not a good life.”

Started Exercising

Daily exercise benefits the body. It boosts energy and heart rate. Cardio to yoga are life-changing ways to boost energy and wellness.

Stopped Eating Dairy

Dairy also increases breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer risk. Two males in the thread said they felt more energetic after giving up dairy.

Started Drinking Water

Water boosts energy since the body requires it. One guy went from drinking no water to 64oz everyday and feeling great. 

Changed Bedsheets

Sleep hot? Not alone. After switching to coarser sheets and a lighter blanket, this guy slept better without overheating.

Intermittent Fasting

Several forum men mention intermittent fasting. One says he feels energized when his body burns fat instead of muscle glycogen.

Drinking A Shot of Vinegar

No thanks. Vinegar smells and tastes awful. One guy claims that drinking vinegar before a meal eliminates nighttime brain fog and sleep time. Is this familiar?


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