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Kind and compassionate Cancer smarts are special. "Cancers are intuitive, emotional, and cunning

6 Cancer

They can succeed in business because they understand how to provide a nurturing response that others can't resist,

Libras are always reading or visiting museums, movie theaters, and performance halls. Because of that, they know a lot. Kovach says they're smarter than that.

5 Libra

This is also the sign associated with arts and music," she says. "They may have a gift for intelligence that manifests through creativity, such as easily grasping music theory or visual arts.

Sagittarius prefers hands-on learning. "This sign tends to be independent, free thinkers—but they don't reject research and rationality

4 Sagittarius

In fact, their desire to seek truth often leads them to go to great lengths to become informed." To discover a new language or cuisine, a Sagittarius may travel abroad. 

This zodiac sign is continually learning, whether it's diving down an internet rabbit hole on a topic briefly addressed at work or researching a company they're applying to.

3 Gemini

A Gemini has a basic personality that's adaptable and alert, which contributes to their experimental and inquisitive ability to reason and learn."

Mercury rules this hardworking, loyal, and perfectionist sign. Virgos are good advisers because they're smart and quick learners.

2 Virgo

Everything they learn, they need to figure out for themselves or know the why behind it." Expect Virgos to be trivia night leaders or Jeopardy! experts.

Aquarius is very intelligent. Uranus rules them. This air sign analyzes, comprehends, and builds on information. "They're innovative, eccentric, and quite often ahead of their time

1 Aquarius

"They understand how horizon trends work and may see a vision of the future that others can't immediately appreciate."

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