Source Of Your Confidence, Based On Zodiac Sign

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Aries, you can make new friends wherever you go. From the gymnasium to the manicure salon to the cash register.


You are adept at finding value. And that is not always synonymous with the most expensive or flashiest item. 


Gemini, the more you engage in activities, the more you realise your capabilities. 


Cancer, you are a valued friend, mentor, and confidant. At times of difficulty, others look to you for advice and assistance. 


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People's biggest mistake about you, Leo, is that having as many friends as you do necessitates extreme likability. 


Many find it annoying, Virgo, that you are always right. Except for you, thinking is not the same as knowing.


When others see impossibility, you see the necessity for dedication, and you understand how sweet achievement can be when earned through effort.


Everyone accuses you of playing the long game out of pettiness, but the truth is that you simply have a greater picturing capacity than others.


Your confidence stems from the fact that your want to experience life is so much larger than your fear of failure, Sagittarius.


Seeing and understanding what not to do and how not to be directs you in the opposite direction of whatever it is. 


If life is the way it is because we made it that way, then there are an infinite number of ways we could make it. 


Your fight-or-flight reflex appears to be faster than your own thinking. 


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