Starbucks' Healthiest Foods

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Spinach, Feta, & Cage-Free Egg White Wrap

This wrap has 3 grammes of fibre and 20 grammes of protein from cage-free egg whites, spinach, and feta cheese.

Kale & Mushroom Egg Bites

Kale, portabella mushrooms, cage-free eggs, and genuine cheese make these egg bites. With 15 grammes of protein per serving, they're a good breakfast or snack.

Rolled & Steel Cut Oatmeal

Many individuals benefit from Starbucks' Rolled & Steel Cut Oatmeal's fibre and antioxidants, while the fruit and nuts provide even more nutrition

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Cheese & Fruit Protein Box

Cheese and fruit provide protein, fat, fibre, and good carbohydrates, making them the perfect healthy eating match.

Chickpea Bites & Avocado Protein Box

 The falafel-inspired chickpea nibbles are surprisingly filling, and the fresh vegetable additions help individuals achieve their vegetarian demands, which we all need.


Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, & Egg White Sandwich

A wheat English muffin with turkey bacon, cage-free egg whites, and reduced-fat white cheddar cheese is under 250 calories. It complements fruit and coffee.

Tomato & Mozzarella on Focaccia

This vegetarian, high-protein sandwich has roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, spinach, and basil pesto. It's not the healthiest carb, but true focaccia bread is amazing.

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