Starbucks order: How to let your Zodiac sign call the shots

Put your Starbucks coffee destiny in the hands of the stars the next time you visit.

In spring, the horoscope app Sanctuary will partner with Starbucks to provide a zodiac-inspired guide to the menu for coffee connoisseurs.

Participants in the astrological partnership will get an unique drink suggestion, horoscope, set of power words, spring hue, and spring flower based on their zodiac sign.

A new interface in the shape of a carnival wheel will be unveiled to Starbucks customers. 

A brief presentation against a light green backdrop plays out, informing you about yourself once you've set it to the relevant Zodiac sign and decided whether you like morning or afternoon coffee.

Not bad for a Virgo, apparently my phrases were "determined, analytical, and thoughtful." 

 The chrysanthemum was my springtime flower, and the color of the season was "serene celadon," which I later discovered to be a jade green.

One of the most crucial pieces of information, the beverage, was unexpected.

A passion tango tea lemonade was what I suggested. Indeed, it's refreshing, but it's an unusual way to begin the day.

Ask the stars, "What sign am I most compatible with?" and use that information to guide your romantic endeavors.

Yet, not all suggestions revolve on the spring season. My Aries friend on the morning coffee run was advised to have something sweet.



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