Stereotypes about your Zodiac sign

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You are impatient and impulsive.


Is anyone else surprised that someone with the bull sign would be obstinate? Did not believe so. Persistence and endurance are among the better qualities.


Exploring and evolving continually. A Gemini has its own beliefs somewhere. Have a hard time reaching them.


Be on the lookout since cancers will follow the crowd. It implies that there will be ups and downs as well as a roller coaster ride, so hold on tight. To put it mildly, she is hypersensitive.


The selfish and arrogant Lion announces his kingship to the world. Leos may seem self-centered, but they are adept at maintaining the right rhythm and posture.


Clean-freaks! What if Virgos prefer everything to be in order? Don't screw around or cause trouble.


Undecided? Uncertain of your goals or needs? Take a Libra to the Cheesecake Factor, and the server will wait forever.


Intense. stretched too far. Put an end to it? A Scorpio will never take their foot off the gas.


If you are a Sagittarian, get ready for lots of travel and adventure. intrepid and willing to take risks.


social ascentists. Get out of their path quickly or they'll just push you aside. A Capricorn won't be stopped by anything. Exactly nothing.


Not much of a people person. Aquarians tend to avoid intensely emotional situations.


They are cosmic, Pisces. They'll start thinking about themselves. What is going on in their heads always seems a little suspect.


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