Strengths and Weaknesses of Zodiac Signs

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Aries: Competitive but insecure

No peak is too high for an Aries. Yet, they also have a latent impostor syndrome that might erode their confidence.

Taurus: Loyal but stubborn

Taureans are loyal and trustworthy. But don't cross them—they're obstinate and can harbour a grudge like no one else.

Gemini: Versatile but impatient

Because to their air element, Geminis can adjust to any scenario and lead the group. Yet their tolerance runs out quickly, and there's no space for second chances.

Cancer: Passionate but uncommunicative

A Cancer's brooding stronghold hides deep, unwavering love and commitment. It's a shame they can't express themselves well.

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Leo: Confident but dominating

This lion loves being in the limelight. Unfortunately, this intrinsic belief that they are always correct implies they may frequently disregard others' thoughts and opinions.

Virgo: Perfectionist but self-critical

If the world ended tomorrow, you'd want a Virgo to lead the way. But, that nagging self-doubt makes them tougher on themselves than others.

Libra: Empathetic but indecisive

The first Libra in your contacts will listen and empathise. Reluctance to decide and fear of confrontation may limit their empathy.

Scorpio: Intense but secretive

They'll go above and above to meet your emotional requirements, but good luck opening this locked book.


Sagittarius: Spontaneous but flighty

Sagittarius can hold an audience with their stories. Although they might show you huge ambitions, it can be challenging to hold them down and make them deliver.

Capricorn: Ambitious but unforgiving

If a Cap started out to rule the world, nothing would stop them until they did. They can't comprehend subtlety and are intolerant of others' faults since they're realistic.

Aquarius: Detached but philosophical

Aquarians want to alter the world. Because they're reclusive, it's a shame they departed early.

Pisces: Playful yet oversensitive

Pisces's imagination might take you far away. Their compassionate nature may be a double-edged sword due to their oversensitivity and victim mentality.

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