Terry Bradshaw's Daughter Rachel Married!

The daughter of former NFL player and FOX cohost Terry Bradshaw married Chase Lybbert on Saturday at the Denton Country Club in Texas in front of 300 guests.

The daughter of former NFL player and FOX NFL Sunday analyst Terry Bradshaw married Chase Lybbert at the Denton Country Club in Texas on Saturday.

"I'm marrying my childhood pal," says 35-year-old Bradshaw Bunch star. We're close family. Solidifying that is special for everyone. The finest day ever for our moms and us! Love and kindness abound.

The bride's father escorted her down the aisle at the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum at 6:30 p.m.

"We are not performing a typical ceremony," Bradshaw explains. "I didn't want traditional. I wanted a spectacular party for my second wedding. Reception, but more us."

Bradshaw says, "Our parents' parents have been members for generations, and we are members." "I fell in love with him on June 28, 2021. 


I was drinking wine at a corner table with my girlfriend Erin at the country club. So we met there and fell in love. There, his parents married. I said, "You know what?" 

The space was decorated with "a ton of balloons," cream and ivory peony flowers, and hues of white, matte white, and pearl. Bradshaw calls it "airy, light and brilliant."

For the ceremony, the bride donned a Zhivago gown and subsequently changed into a custom jumpsuit by Nashville-based couture wedding designer Olia Zavozina.

The couple's names and wedding date were on her "epic" cowboy boots. Bradshaw had a dirty martini with edible glitter and Lybbert a whiskey sour.

Guests ate charcuterie, a massive seafood tower, sliders, hush puppies, a macaroni and cheese bar, a baked potato bar, a salad bar, green beans, and corn dogs. 


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Bradshaw says, "Southern everything." "Delicious finger meals. I want everybody up and partying." To lighten the mood, the newlyweds chose one family table.

She explains, "When you walk in, you're offered champagne and like a meatball or tuna tartare." "I want people drinking, eating, and partying."

Instead of a cake, they had a huge spread of cookies, small carrot cakes, and cobblers. "All desserts!"

The couple, who got engaged on Oct. 28, 2022, planned their wedding jointly, Bradshaw said. We had a blast! 

Now that they're married, the couple is thrilled to have celebrated their big day with so many loved ones.

She explains, "Everyone getting together, all these individuals we've known our entire lives, it just makes it incredibly meaningful."


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