The 3 Most Hangry Zodiac Signs

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If you invite an Aries, feed them. Aries, known for their "strong-will and quick-acting character," may hanger.


They're lively and busy, which can cause last-minute impatience. “Add a hungry gut and you get a fiery Aries who can be quick to upset if they don't get what they desire, even food.”

If a Taurus is eating as normal, don't panic. But, disrupting their mealtime will change their demeanor. Taurus often frequent their favorite eateries on a certain day of the week.


Repetition calms them. So if you see a Taurus watching the clock and tapping their foot impatiently, you know they need their food on time!”

This list may surprise Cancers due of their kind and nurturing nature. Cancer is perceptive and profoundly connected to emotions, particularly hunger cues.


The astrologer says Cancers feel unsafe if they're hungry or don't enjoy the cuisine. “If they don't get comfort food or feel that their emotional needs aren't being met, they can develop hangry.”

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