The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiacs


Geminis are talkative socialites. They always say and phrase things to sound smart and amusing. Geminis usually use their strength for good, but beware of toxic Geminis. 

They'll say everything at the proper time. They might make you think it was your idea and do what they want. Beware of this sign's sneakiness. Keep your beliefs, even if they seem too good to be true.


Leos are natural leaders and can handle any scenario. These attributes make them trustworthy and able to lead any organisation. Most Leos are loyal, but toxic Leos can be dangerous. 

Leos read people well. They know how to uplift and degrade you. Beware of poisonous Leos—they can easily manipulate you.


Scorpios are secretive. They rarely speak up while others do. Scorpios can save this data. This is usually pleasant since they'll remember little details about you that make you happy, 

but a poisonous Scorpio will use all that information against you. Since they know how your brain works, they'll use it to injure you when they're mad or manipulate you.


Capricorns are logical, thus they can argue their points well. Their logic makes them persuasive in business and relationships. They always sound smart. 

A poisonous Capricorn will manipulate you without your knowledge. They'll convince you it's better. Even when they're against you, they'll act like your closest friend.

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