The 4 Zodiacs Most Likely to Regret Dating Exes

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Sagittarius are spontaneous and rarely regret anything, yet they often question why they got into a relationship. They let passion lead them into relationships without thinking.


 To live life fully, people follow their heart and neglect their head. They seize every chance. This sign may regret dating, but they would regret not dating more. Until they gave love a chance.

Scorpios avenge. When hurt, they won't forgive. They'll avenge. They'll want to win the breakup. Once you break up, this indicator will change their tune. They'll forget you. 


Your best qualities will become their worst. The split will turn them against you. Because they're focused on the terrible times, they won't recall the happy ones.

Geminis constantly change their opinions, which is fine. It's good that people can admit mistakes and change to achieve happiness.


This sign is fickle, so they may adore you one day and hate you the next. They will love you forever one day and hate you the next. Change happens quickly.

Capricorns hate feeling overwhelmed, which relationships do. Work concerns are manageable, but love troubles are not.


People struggle with breakups because they think they should have seen the agony coming. They regret not recognizing red signals sooner. Capricorns may not regret loving their ex. 

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