The 5 Most Extroverted Zodiac Signs

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Our solar system's star, the sun, rules Leo. The sun loves being centre stage and having all the planets revolve around it. Leos love being in the spotlight.

1. Leo

They love walking down the red carpet and smiling at the paparazzi. They're likely social media influencers who crave attention and "likes"—not because they're insecure or needy

Whether they host or crash, Aries are party animals. Mars-ruled fire signs are born leaders who may inspire others to follow.

2. Aries

 Aries will then propose a great breakfast spot along the beach after the sun rises and the beach fire is nothing but embers.

Geminis are air signs and Mercury-ruled, making them good communicators. Communication is pointless without an audience. Geminis write and converse well. 

3. Gemini

They are the most talkative signs and can lead a 1,000-person chat room. Geminis attract the greatest attention when they speak or type. 

Libra confuses introverts the most. They don't see why somebody wouldn't feel warm in a crowd supporting a cause. They don't understand why people avoid gatherings and family reunions.

4. Libra

Venus rules them, making them gregarious, and air signs are good communicators. They're more likely to connect with shy people and wallflowers.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, making them natural adventurers and seekers. They want to learn, travel, and meet new people because of their curiosity and desire to discover new things. 

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius sees only friends. They have a friendly, contagious chuckle that relaxes others. Their genuine positivity attracts others as much as it does them.

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