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The 6 Most Protective

It's surprising to see sensitive Cancer at the top of the chart, but individuals aren't always what they seem.

1) Cancer
Cancer is the most protective zodiac sign

Taurus protects their partners when they start dating. This sign's love makes them take on their partner's problems.

2) Taurus
Taurus is a protective partner

Pisces are sensitive, emotional, and kind.

3) Pisces
Pisces people care deeply for others

Libras are possessive in love. This sign loves being with loved ones.

4) Libra
Libras are great defenders

Scorpios value love, sensitivity, and leadership! Scorpios are responsible and love leading.

5) Scorpio
Scorpio is deeply caring

Aries, like Scorpios, want to be liked. They'll do anything to keep their love pure.

6) Aries
Aries can become ruthless

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