The best soup for your zodiac sign

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ARIES : Tortellini soup

A half-glass of red wine is typically added to tortellini soup to temper an Aries' tendency to run hot and enjoy the colour red.

TAURUS: Potato soup

Taurus is an earth sign with a big appetite who prefers to eat potato soup in a bread bowl.


Like the views of Geminis, the history of Vietnamese pho is highly debatable.

CANCER: Chicken noodle soup

Cancer loves to nurse people back to health and into needing them, and chicken noodle soup is a traditional cure-all.

LEO: Tomato soup

Andy Warhol, the father of Leo pop art, drowns in the tomato soup he transformed from shelf to gallery.

VIRGO:  Wonton soup

The wontons in this classic soup were previously used as carriers for medications, which is appropriate for this earth sign that is centred on healing.

LIBRA :  Italian wedding soup

Italian wedding soup is about ideal marriages, the kind Libras constantly strive for in their relationships.

SCORPIO:   French onion soup

French onion soup is what Scorpio is: rich, dark, and deceptively simple.

SAGITTARIUS:  Chicken tortilla soup

The typical Sagittarius is as upbeat and mildly spicy as chicken tortilla soup.

CAPRICORN: Miso soup

Miso was once exclusive for the nobility, which Capricorn generally considers itself to be a member of.

AQUARIUS: Cream of mushroom soup

Like Aquarius, cream of mushroom soup is hard to destroy and looks to the future.

PISCES : Matzo ball soup

A wonderful combination of flavour and memory, matzo ball soup is ideal for poetic Pisceans.

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