The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries loves challenging themselves with a skill-testing task. Astrologer Noelle Vincent thinks competitive sports are the finest training.

Aries: Golf, Martial Arts, Spinning

Taurus—maybe you hate working out. Venus, your governing planet, makes you seek comfort and sensual delights like delicious chocolate or wine in your sweatpants.

Taurus: Running, Hiking, Weightlifting

It's scientifically proved to encourage anybody, but especially your social sign. Tennis's fast tempo matches your intelligence. 

Gemini: Tennis, Sprinting, Raquetball

Cancer, meditating helps you control your emotions. Yoga lets you feel every movement and educate your brain to let go.

Cancer: Pilates, Core Exercises, Yoga

Zumba, and Ballet Barre are perfect for Leos, who adore the spotlight. Any exercise class with a thumping song and lots of intensity will do. 

Leo: Zumba, ballet barre, cardio

Virgos will like a Pilates session with meditation or yogic stretching—you need those few seconds to quiet your analytical mind and just be. You're building your core.

Virgo: Pilates, Tennis, Yoga

Libras thrive at soccer, flag football, and volleyball. Williams believes Libras cooperate well. "Libras need team sports to bond."

Libra: Soccer, Flag Football, Team Sports


Scorpios are intense. Boxing pushes us to our limits and helps us overcome mental problems, which is why we love it.

Scorpio—Boxing, CrossFit

Sag, you love adventure, so your finest exercises are outside and don't seem like workouts—they're just new things to mark off your bucket list.

Sagittarius: Hiking, Surfing

You prefer physical and emotional pursuits that quiet your inner critic. You'll succeed because of your desire and competitiveness.

Capricorn: Long-Distance Running

Aquarius requires the most independence, and cycling can accomplish two aims. One is the apparent necessity for exercise, but the other is the capacity to pivot .

Aquarius: Parkour, Trampoline, Cycling

Pisces, drop you in the river. You'll try anything aquatic, especially if it's interesting: You'd rather kayak or SUP than swim laps.

Pisces: Kayaking, SUP, Yoga


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