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The Biggest Foodie

As the loving sign of the zodiac, Pisces enjoy giving in to their cravings. It goes without saying that they will spoil their loved ones,

6 Pisces

and what better way to accomplish it than with food. You can count on them to always be hungry, and they love to munch.

Capricorns have an intellectual side and are highly picky about what they eat.

5 Capricorn

They might occasionally consent to a fast food excursion or a fatty slice of pizza, but most of the time they choose something more upscale.

When it comes to exploring new foods, Sagittarius will be first in line for any daring encounter. 

4 Sagittarius

For this fire sign, being a foodie comes naturally because they enjoy immersing themselves in different cultures.

These emotional water signs are constantly looking for ways to help others (and hoping to receive the same in return),

3 Cancer

and they like the fulfilling feeling that comes from taking care of those close to them. Cancers have a strong affinity for eating.

Virgos have a reputation for being picky, but when it comes to eating, they'll try anything. 

2 Virgo

Schmidt said they enjoy trying out the newest culinary trends and eating at the hottest restaurants. "They could be the most critical, but they enjoy using food as a form of consolation.

Tauruses are more complicated than most people realise, and they like exploring the finer aspects of life. These earth signs place a high value on food 

1 Taurus

and frequently structure their days around meals. It should come as no surprise that they are the largest foodies in the zodiac as they represent the sign that rules food itself.

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